The purpose

“I decided to create Petit Art to bring art closer to people in a more personal and accessible way. I firmly believe in the direct connection between the collector and the creator, which is why I have designed a space where art purchasing becomes more intimate, simple, and direct with me as the artist.

Furthermore, my goal is to enable every individual to have the opportunity to build their own personal collection or perhaps gift art on special occasions. I believe art should be accessible to everyone, which is why at Petit Art, I offer works in small formats and limited editions, so they can be enjoyed and appreciated in any home.

I am proud to be able to share with you this journey where art becomes a closer and more meaningful experience for everyone.”

The process

Almudena Pintado often surrenders herself to the spontaneous progression of her creative process. Rather than adhering to a predetermined concept, Pintado embraces the unexpected, allowing the emotions and energy of the moment to guide her work. This approach frequently leads to a final result that is largely improvised, showcasing the fluidity and freedom of her artistic expression. Pintado’s intuitive method, which is at times almost inadvertent, enables her to unearth novel techniques and continuously evolve as an artist. By relinquishing control and resisting the urge to confine her work within rigid boundaries, she embarks on a captivating artistic journey. Each piece, in essence, becomes an adventure of self-discovery and experimentation, with the destination remaining unknown until the work reaches its conclusion.

Almudena Pintado's official website

For a broader view of Almudena Pintado's work you can visit her personal website. Here you can browse the latest series since 2021, her digital catalogue, press releases and the latest news, events and exhibitions.


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