Petit Art has been created to give visibility to unpublished works that have never seen the light of day by the artist Almudena Pintado. These pieces are the result of improvisation, tests in the artist’s atelier, trials, experiments and discoveries. They symbolise the parallel universe of any artist when, behind closed doors, they are immersed in unbridled creativity and where ideas flow freely.

Within the Petit Art collection, you will find a certain lack of coherence in style and trend; everything is allowed in this space. Spontaneity and experimentation is the basis. From one-off pieces to improvisations, each work tells its own story and reflects a different facet of Almudena’s artistic journey.

In addition, Petit Art offers a variety of digital works, limited editions, curated selections from the artist’s notebooks, original pieces, catalogues and personal writings. Petit Art offers an insight into the artist’s creative thinking, providing a unique perspective on her creative process and reflections.


Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Almudena Pintado’s catalogue, featuring high-definition images of her artwork, insightful reflections, and more.

Limited editions

Limited editions of quality and signed by the artist

On sale starting May 3rd

Original works

Unique and original certified works


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