Original works and limited editions

The PETIT ART gallery has been created by the artist Almudena Pintado, better known on Instagram as @pintado.art.
On this website you can find original works by the artist, signed limited editions, catalogues and more that will be added over time.


IAZZU's AR application will allow you to view the artworks included in this website anywhere you want.

By simply scanning a QR code you can visually interact with the content.

The Process

The artist’s body of work can be described as a tapestry of textured narratives, providing space for expression, gesture, and the tactile interplay of diverse materials. Through her art, Pintado delves into various aspects of human experience, such as childhood, joy, origins, and challenges, ultimately crafting an allegory of life itself.

Her creations display an impressive array of materials, including oil, acrylic, wood, fabric, cardboard, staples, and cement. Resourcefully incorporating recycled elements, Pintado demonstrates her commitment to sustainability and innovation in her artistic practice. As she gradually transitions from her career as an architectural draftsman, she continues to devote herself wholeheartedly to the world of art, leaving an indelible impact on those who encounter her evocative works.

The Process